This page offers prerelease versions of the Wholly and Grail World of Warcraft addons. They are development versions only, primarily used by play testers to ensure things will be better for final releases. The final releases can be found at the normal addon sites and for those interested in obtaining more stable versions. The latest versions of each addon have green backgrounds.

The goal is to make Grail the best quest database addon for World of Warcraft, with the most complete and comprehensive data. It is designed to be used as a data source for other addons, with Wholly currently making the most use of its data. Grail is designed to be accurate and fast, and currently has a tradeoff in space occupied. Hopefully, over time, with the right feedback, Grail can have its space reduced. The latest versions of the Loremaster addon now use Grail to provide quest information.

Date             Wholly    Description Grail      Description
2014-08-04 45 PR7 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000) 65 PR12 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000)
2014-08-03 65 PR11 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000)
2014-07-30 45 PR6 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000) 65 PR10 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000)
2014-07-20 45 PR5 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000) 65 PR9 WoD Beta (because Interface is 60000)
2014-07-17 65 PR8
2014-07-14 65 PR7
2014-07-12 65 PR6
2014-07-11 45 PR4 65 PR5
2014-07-11 45 PR3 65 PR4
2014-07-10 45 PR2 65 PR3
2014-07-09 45 PR1 65 PR2
2014-05-06 44 PR1 Fixes attempting to tag when no tag exists
Cleans up map icons by Shenj
64 PR1 Updates some quest/NPC information
Speeds up preequisite evaluation and corrects implementation when more than one path have different values
2014-04-10 43 Official release at 63 Official release at
2014-04-06 43 PR1 Implements a tag system where the user can specify arbitrary tags to associate with quests 63 PR1 Updates some quest/NPC information
Unifies reputation requirements into prerequisites
2014-02-10 62 Official release at
2014-02-10 42 Official release at 61 Official release at
2014-01-12 42 PR1 Updates Russian localizations by dartraiden.
Corrects the search function to use the new Grail quest structures.
Makes it so quests that are pending or obsolete do not appear when the option indicates unobtainable quests should not appear.
2014-01-10 60 Official release at
2013-12-10 41 Official release at 59 Official release at
2013-11-17 41 PR1 Adds the ability for users to conveniently change the colors of quests.
2013-11-10 40 Official release at 58 Official release at
2013-11-07 58 PR2 Reduces Timeless Isles chat spam when looting.
2013-10-22 58 PR1 Augments ClassificationOfQuestCode() to return 'K' for weekly quests.
2013-10-18 39 Official release at
2013-10-13 57 Official release at
2013-10-10 38 Official release at 56 Official release at
2013-09-24 55 Official release at
2013-09-23 55 PR4 Adds the ability to treat the chests on the Timeless Isle as quests
Adds slash command /grail loot to toggle processing LOOT_CLOSED events
Makes persistent the settings for the slash commands /grail tracking and /grail debug.
2013-09-19 55 PR3 Fixes a rare error caused when cleaning the database of reputation data evident by an "unfinished capture" error message.
2013-09-18 38 PR2 Implements IsForbidden() to deal with a change in the way Blizzard code works 55 PR2 Caches the results from _QuestsInLog() for better performance
2013-09-16 38 PR1 Corrects an issue with iLvl tooltip
Adds a preference to control tooltip display for the Blizzard Quest Log
55 PR1 Corrects an infinite loop in Valley of the Four Winds
Corrects Lua error when Dugi guides are loaded
2013-09-11 37 Official release at
2013-09-10 36 Official release at 54 Official release at
2013-08-13 53 Official release at
2013-08-10 52 Official release at
2013-07-10 35 Official release at 51 Official release at
2013-06-22 51 PR1 Adds Midsummer quests for Pandaria
2013-06-11 50 Corrects a problem with QuestPrerequisites() and nil data
2013-06-10 34 Official release at 49 Official release at
2013-05-24 34 PR2 Allows displaying when quests are completed 49 PR2 Adds a new loadable addon, Grail-When, that records when quests are completed
2013-05-21 34 PR1 Changes the Interface to 50300
Tooltips display larger data better
Added some Korean localization by next96
49 PR1 Changes the Interface to 50300
Updates some quest/NPC information, primarily Isle of Thunder
2013-05-10 33 Official release at 48 Official release at
2013-05-02 33 PR1 Adds the ability to display quests that were removed or not yet available
Adds a hidden preference WhollyDatabase.shouldNotRestoreDirectionalArrows
48 PR1 Adds better support for detecting Isle of Thunder quest type choice
Adds the ability to mark quests as removed or pending
2013-04-10 32 Official release at 47 Official release at
2013-03-24 32 PR1 Corrects the problem where the Achievements do not work properly unless a reload is performed 47 PR2 Changed the internal NPC structure to save a little memory
2013-03-23 47 PR1 Primarily some quest/NPC updates
2013-03-10 31 Official release at 46 Official release at
2013-02-23 31 PR1 Updates to German localization by bigx2
and Russian localization by dartraiden
2013-02-10 30 Official release at 45 Official release at
2013-02-03 45 PR2 Primarily some quest/NPC updates
2013-01-26 30 PR2 Lots of goodies... 45 PR1 Lots of goodies...
2013-01-14 30 PR1 Updates Spanish localization provided by Davidinmoral
2013-01-10 29 Official release at 44 Official release at
2012-12-26 44 PR2 Corrected a Lua problem introduced in 044 PR1
Removed the Grail.xml file and reworked the startup
2012-12-19 44 PR1 Made zone names localized from Blizzard API calls
Added /grail events to control processing Blizzard events that happen during combat until after combat
2012-12-10 28 Official release at 43 Official release at
2012-12-09 43 PR3 Corrected an issue with memory growth that was evident in Krasarang Wilds when many Ren Crane champions had been defeated
2012-12-06 28 PR4 Fixes an issue that causes Grail to increase in memory unexpectedly
2012-12-03 43 PR2 Updates some NPC/quest information and Traditional Chinese NPC localization
2012-11-28 28 PR3 Changes the TOC to handle interface 50100 43 PR1 Changes the TOC to handle interface 50100
Updates some NPC/quest information
2012-11-12 28 PR2 Corrects basic support for putting pins on the Omega Map addon
2012-11-11 28 PR1 Switches to using IGNORED string value so automatically localized
Adds basic support for putting pins on the Omega Map addon
2012-11-11 42 Official release at
2012-11-10 27 Official release at 41 Official release at
2012-11-04 27 PR6 Adds keybindings for some of the most used preference items 41 PR7 Updates primarily to MoP dailies
2012-10-31 41 PR6 Updates primarily to Candy Bucket quests and Traditional Chinese NPC localization
2012-10-30 27 PR5 Changes the holiday quest display to use a filter for World Events
Adds Ctrl-click of a quest to add waypoints for EVERY quest in the "zone"
41 PR5 Updates primarily to MoP dailies, Candy Bucket quests and Traditional Chinese NPC localization
2012-10-24 27 PR4 Updates to use new Grail API 41 PR4 Updates primarily to MoP dailies and Traditional Chinese NPC localization
2012-10-21 41 PR3 Adds Alliance Pandaria Candy Buckets
Corrects an issue with Valley of the Four Winds infinite loop
2012-10-17 27 PR3 Handles Grail's new ability to group quests 41 PR2 Updates primarily to MoP dailies and Traditional Chinese NPC localization
2012-10-13 27 PR2 Fixes the problem where the preferences were not accounting for Scenario in non-English versions
2012-10-13 27 PR1 Shows quests with prerequisites of spells experienced
Shows reputation requirements higher than minimum into a level
Updates some Traditional Chinese localization
41 PR1 Allows prerequisites to include having experienced a buff
Augments reporting required reputation to allow displaying of amount over a minimum level
Changes the internal NPC name system to normalize names
2012-10-10 26 Official release at 40 Official release at
2012-10-03 40 PR1 Updates quest/NPC info for Howling Fjord and Vale of Eternal Blossoms
2012-09-25 25 Official release at 39 Official release at
2012-09-18 25 PR2 Delays creation of the dropdown menu to attempt to minimize taint
2012-09-16 25 PR1 Supports display of required friendship levels
Supports Grail's new OR within AND prerequisites
39 PR1 Updates quest/NPC info for Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Valley of the Four Winds
Augments prerequisite capabilities to add OR within AND instead of only outside
2012-09-10 24 Official release at 38 Official release at
2012-08-28 23 Official release at 37 Official release at
2012-08-24 23 PR1 Supports Account-Wide quests
Updates some Korean, German and French localization
2012-08-20 37 PR2 Updates to quest/NPC info for MoP beta
2012-08-15 37 PR1 Updates to quest/NPC info for Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Mount Hyjal, Sholazar Basin, Deepholm and MoP beta
Enables DisplayableQuestPrerequisites() to allow UIs to ignore flag quests and allow their requirements to show instead
2012-08-10 22 Official release at 36 Official release at
2012-08-02 36 PR8 Updates to MoP beta as well as some Twilight Highlands
2012-07-30 36 PR7 Primarily updates MoP beta data
2012-07-28 22 PR5 Wide panel change of scroll one selection clears scroll two selection
Adds Wholly tooltips to Blizzard's quest entries
36 PR6 Updates to MoP beta as well as some Twilight Highlands
2012-07-26 22 PR4 Makes checking required Grail version more robust
Fixes world map button appearing above other frames
2012-07-24 22 PR3 Updates artwork
Makes search panel attach better
Updates a bit of Korean localization
Legendary quests are now orange and high-level dailies are dark blue
Adds two new sorting techniques and tooltip that indicates current technique
Adds the ability to show abbreviated quest counts per map area, including live updates
36 PR5 Primarily updates MoP beta data
2012-07-23 22 PR2 Allows displaying information about Scenario and Legendary quests 36 PR4 Primarily updates MoP beta data
Adds /grail cb command
Allows marking quests Scenario and Legendary
2012-07-21 36 PR3 Primarily updates MoP beta data
Now criteria needed for achievements are tracked
2012-07-20 22 PR1 Changes how map pins are computed to do no work when the WorldMapFrame is not visible
Changes the way NPC tooltip information is set up to fix a problem where the tooltips may not have information unless the world map was opened
2012-07-18 36 PR2 Primarily updates MoP beta data
Fixed setting the status of some quests involved with breadcrumbs
2012-07-15 36 PR1 Primarily updates MoP beta data
2012-07-10 21 Official release at 35 Official release at
2012-07-08 21 PR5 The tooltip colors breadcrumb quests that cause quests to be unobtainable 35 PR9 Adds some data for MoP
Makes a separation of codes for incompatibility into breadcrumb codes and incompatible codes so reasons for incompatibility can be discerned
2012-07-03 35 PR8 Primarily updates Valley of the Four Winds data
2012-07-02 21 PR4 Moves the breadcrumb frame added to QuestFrame for MoP beta 35 PR7 Adds some data for MoP, including getting Xiao quests handled properly with the invisible flag quest
Updates the Spanish localization for Midsummer
2012-07-01 21 PR3 Moves the frames added to QuestFrame for MoP beta 35 PR6 Adds some data for MoP
Made querying the server for quests work in MoP beta
2012-06-30 35 PR5 Adds some data for MoP
Updates the German localization for Midsummer
Fixes "upon zone entry" quests to appear in their proper zones
2012-06-28 35 PR4 Adds some data for MoP
2012-06-26 21 PR2 Handles Grail's new reputations
Corrects issue with removing ALL TomTom waypoints
35 PR3 Adds some data for MoP
Converted reputations to use Blizzard values
2012-06-25 35 PR2 Adds some data for MoP
2012-06-23 35 PR1 Adds some data and capabilities for MoP
2012-06-21 21 PR1 Makes handling MoP reputations work 34 Official release at
2012-06-10 20 Official release at 33 Official release at
2012-05-24 20 PR1 Corrects the problem where quests in the log were not appearing properly.
Adds the ability to show daily quests that are too high for the character as orange
Adds a Spanish localization
2012-05-10 19 Official release at 32 Official release at
2012-05-04 19 PR6 Corrected a rare problem with LDB
Updated Portuguese localization
Updated to display flag filtered quests when Grail starts supporting that
32 PR8 Made bit math more robust
Fixed a problem where cleaning the database could cause a LUA error
Updated some Tol Barad quest/NPC data
2012-05-01 19 PR5 Added the ability to examine all quests (from the search menu)
Updated Russian localization
32 PR7 Updated Children's Week data
2012-04-26 19 PR4 Updated some German localization
Added support for Just Another Day in Tol Barad achievements
32 PR6 Updated some German localization
Added support for Just Another Day in Tol Barad achievements
Updated Blackrock Caverns data
2012-04-24 19 PR3 Added some French localization
Added Russian localization
32 PR5 Added Russian localization
Augmented slightly instrumentation
Adds /grail clearstatuses command to clear quest statuses
2012-04-21 32 PR4 Made bit math more robust
2012-04-20 32 PR3 Added some instrumentation for processing server query data
2012-04-18 19 PR2 Updated German localization
Corrects holiday quest control
32 PR2 Updated German localization
Support for better holiday quest control
2012-04-13 19 PR1 Updated German localization 32 PR1 Initial German localization